About the department:

The Department of Hebrew and Culture at the World Zionist Organization, headed by Ifat Ovadia-Luski, works to promote the Hebrew language as well as Israeli and Jewish culture

The Department nurtures and supports the teaching of Hebrew in the Diaspora, develops initiatives to encourage the connection to the language and culture of the Jewish people, and create new tools tailored for the needs of Diaspora Jews in the 21st century.

We work to make Israeli culture accessible and spread it in Israel and around the world while promoting the status of Hebrew, improving its teaching methods, and imparting it to the next generation as an up-to-date, meaningful and relevant language.

The purpose of this website is for Hebrew teachers around the world to have a home, therefore most materials and discussions will be in Hebrew.
A "virtual teachers' room" is available for you to hold discussions on actual educational topics and share learning materials.